Yet again…it’s been too long!!

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So it’s been 2 years since I posted on my blog…too long.

Life has been very very busy and so much has happened in the past 2 years.  We have had a lot of really happy times and some really sad times.

Very quick update…

Last time I posted we were just moving house.  We are still here and absolutely love it.  The house and area is perfect for us at this stage in our lives.  We have 2 cats, Buzz and Woody (guess who named them!) and we just got 3 hens, Izzie, Rosie and Tinker Bell!

At start of December 2012 we got the devastating news that Paul’s dad, Sam, had pancreatic cancer and had spread to his liver.  Straight away we knew this didn’t look good but we kept praying, stayed positive and enjoyed all the time we had together.  We had a lovely Christmas together although tainted with sadness.

Sadly on 11th February 2013, Sam passed away.  It was a very aggressive illness and very short time from diagnosis.  It was a hard and heartbreaking time for our family.  Sam was only 59 years old, so was very young.  My husband had lost his daddy and Eli and Eva, their grand pops.  It was tough to watch.  Shortly before this too, a best friend had lost her daddy very very suddenly.  It was hard.  No one else but God held everyone and got them through and still is doing so.

In March 2013 Eva had her first operation to have her cleft palate repaired and a PEG feeding tube inserted in her tummy.  With any operation, the anaesthetic is a worry but with children with CdLS, it is an extra worry as they tend to not deal well with anaesthetics but praise God there were no major concerns with Eva.  Both operations were done under one anaesthetic (BOGOF as one nurse puts it!) and both went really well.  The big thing was Eva didn’t have to endure a horrible NG tube or sore raw face and no more (or very little) regurgitation down Eva’s nose with the open cleft.

In May 2013, Paul and I took Eli to Disneyland Paris.  We had an amazing time.  It was a great chance for us to spend quality time with Eli and give him our attention as life had been a bit chaotic with Eva’s care.  Eva was well looked after and spoiled with family at home.  It was amazing, we LOVE Disney and hope to go and take Eva very soon!!

Paul turned the big 3-0 in July 2013!!  Catching up on me!!!  We had a big party at home and celebrated with him!!

Eli started nursery in sept 2013, another big step!

In September 2013, Eva had her 2nd surgery.  This time it was ptosis surgery for her droopy eyelids.  It was a great success but was a really tough operation for Eva, a lot harder than cleft and peg.  It was a success but she is on the list for more ptosis surgery as her eyelids are still quite droopy.  A couple of days after surgery was Eva’s 2nd birthday.  Wee pet was very miserable and sad.

In December 2013, my cousin Angela was diagnosed again with cancer.  Another Christmas very much tainted with sadness.  Angela had breast cancer before and had recovered well but unfortunately it had returned.  Angela suffered so so much but yet you never heard her complain, she just dealt with it.  Angela was determined to get to Peter & Gemma’s wedding in May 2014 and she did.  She fought hard and she did, looking beautiful as ever.  Heartbreakingly, Angela passed away just less than 2 weeks after the wedding.  She fought with dignity to the very end.  She left all the suffering behind and went to be with Jesus, healed and whole.

In June 2014, we held a fundraising coffee morning to raise money for sensory equipment for Eva.  You can read more about that on (blog post coming soon).

Paul and I went to our first Hillsong conference in July 2014.  Wow, amazing!!  We had such a refreshing time, together, with friends, with God.  Very much-needed for us both as life is very busy and non stop!

In July 2014 also, Eli was given the total all clear & discharged from hospital reviews after having meningitis as a baby.  He is one miracle boy, amazing!  No long-term effects from meningitis whatsoever.  We are so thankful to God.  The devil wanted to take him out but not a chance!  In August Eli turned a big 4 years old and started back to nursery in September.

Pretty much this is where we are now!  A lot more has happened in between these events but these mostly are the biggies!  I am definitely not going to leave it as long to blog again so keep up to date with our family right here and Eva here.

Thank you for taking the time to read!