New chapter for the Jenkins

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So this weekend starts a new chapter for the Jenkins family…we get the keys to our new home!! We are so excited. We will be living in the country in an area where Paul & I dreamed of living when we got married. At that time we couldn’t see it ever happening with house prices etc at that time but praise God, it is happening!! It has totally been God from the very beginning & we’ve saw his hand in it in every single step. Loads of space for Eli to run about, perfect for all Eva’s needs & room for a vegetable patch for us!! We must be getting old, getting excited that we can have a vegetable patch!! Paul is also able to have all his music stuff there too which I’m so pleased about for him. My man has missed his music! :-) Exciting days ahead & lots of entertaining, love it!

Elijah was 2 years old there at the start of the month. Can’t believe how time flies but what an awesome 2 years they have been with our little man. He has been such a blessing to us. We just love his night time prayers, repeating it after us, too cute! I know I’ve said it before but he really is the best big brother. He just adores Eva & it warms my heart when I hear Eva laughing away at him. Love his chatting & our wee conversations these days too.

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Eva is doing well, nothing major going on with her. Her development is really coming on & she loves exploring & playing with new wee toys. Her hands have just amazed us. At birth & for a while after her hands were so so tight, she used to scream getting her wee splints in but now she’s able to grasp toys & work with them in her hands. I know that doing her wee hand prints isn’t far off!!! :-)

So that’s the update with the Jenkins! Will blog very soon!

Chelle xo